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Bang & Olufsen’s only South Australian store arrives on The Parade


As a child, Daniel Porter was fascinated by technology. He could often be found playing around with his grandparents’ hi-fi system, which had two main outcomes. He learned a lot about how it worked, and they got regular visits from the local Bang & Olufsen representative.

“One of the salesmen has known me since I was about three years of age playing with my grandparents’ products,” he laughs. Several decades on, that employee is still with the company as a product solutions specialist while Porter is the proprietor of the recently opened Bang & Olufsen store on The Parade.

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The company still offers round the clock support for their products, but these days there are a lot less cables involved and many issues can be fixed remotely. One thing that hasn’t changed is Bang & Olufsen’s reputation as purveyors of the highest quality home audio systems. Their stylish speakers are designed to fill a room (or an entire home) with sound so crisp that you can appreciate every nuance.

The superbly built speakers and TVs combine state of the art acoustic engineering with minimalist Scandinavian design and one of Bang & Olufsen’s key aims is to reduce the visual presence of their products. This doesn’t mean making them small (though they often are), but turning them into beautiful pieces of furniture that can be integrated into the home.

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The Danish company commissions the world’s best designers for their pieces and the results display a timeless, understated style that has made them the subject of exhibitions at galleries around the world. The walls of the showroom are covered in soft panelled tiles that are barely recognisable as speakers and materials like blond wood and silver fabric are common.

Perhaps the most eye-catching product is the Beovision Harmony, a TV with a screen that lowers behind rotating speakers when it’s off and re-emerges when turned on like a butterfly opening its wings. “The idea is for the television to not be a blank black screen on your wall but to be a piece of furniture that's discreetly hidden either by our beautiful oak or fabric covers,” Porter explains.

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The showroom is just as stylish, with a range of products that Porter says have to be experienced to be truly appreciated. “It's very hard to buy our product online,” he explains. “It’s very much about the in-store experience. You need to be able to listen in person because each product has a reason that you would want it. If someone listens to classical music we have a particular pair of speakers that we would always recommend but if someone loves listening to a lot of bass, we'd say these speakers plus a sub-woofer is what you require.”

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This is a brand dedicated to providing a high quality tailored experience and the showroom (one of just three in Australia) is a relaxed environment. It’s the kind of place where you can sit down over a coffee for a chat as you examine the beautifully crafted products. Visit and you’ll discover a community of people like Porter who know from decades of experience that Bang & Olufsen provides a level of sound quality and customer experience that simply can’t be found anywhere else.

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