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How to support Parade businesses during the Coronavirus crisis



 2020 has been a challenging year for many industries. After the year started with bushfires around the country, an ongoing worldwide health crisis of unprecedented severity has had (and will continue to have) a huge impact on local businesses. It means they need your support now more than ever. Here are some ways you can help them survive the immensely challenging period ahead. 

1. Heed Health Advice

If you’re self-isolating because you have symptoms like a high temperature or continuous cough, have recently returned from overseas or have had contact with confirmed cases of COVID-19, stay in self-isolation so that you don’t jeopardise the health of others. But even if your movement is restricted, you can still call Terry White Chemmart for assistance and advice on 8431 1262. 

Because COVID-19 is more dangerous when paired with an underlying condition, even if you are healthy it’s important to keep your immune system strong. Terry White Chemmart has a range of vitamins and supplements to give your immune system a boost, and you can also get a flu shot beginning March 23. Book an online appointment in advance to keep contact to a minimum. 

2. Shop Sensibly

COVID-19 can be spread through touching the same things, which is why it’s important to wash your hands regularly when you’re spending time in a public area and avoid touching your face. But there are other simple measures that can help. Practice social distancing while in stores, avoid peak shopping times if possible and pay by card rather than cash to avoid spreading any potentially harmful germs and bacteria. 

3. Order Takeaway

The hospitality industry is among the hardest hit, and because many restaurants and cafes rely on casual employees, any loss of business has a huge knock-on effect. But if you don’t feel like dining in, you can still enjoy your favourite burger, pizza, Indian or Chinese food at home. Many restaurants are streamlining their takeaway options, and instead of using a delivery app, consider calling directly so that all the profits flow to a local business. 

4. Buy Fresh

It’s important to have enough food to survive if you’re forced to self-quarantine, but the current advice is that it may be months before things return to normal. That means it’s vital to maintain healthy routines and continue to eat well. So don’t just stock up on canned and dried goods; visit the local butcher, fishmonger or greengrocer, stop by your local bookshop to get a cookbook and use the extra time to learn some new dishes and eat better than ever. 

5. Turn Your Kitchen Into A Cafe

And if you are forced to self-quarantine, don’t risk doing so without any coffee in the house. The crew at The Grind roast their own fair trade organic beans and offer 40 different styles, including decaffeinated and flavoured coffees. Because they only use arabica beans, the coffees have a gentle, slightly sweet edge, and they’ll grind all beans to order. A range of plungers and percolators are available for sale or if you prefer pods there are five varieties available, all of which are nespresso compatible.

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