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Republic’s summer cocktail guide


It’s not just wardrobes that get more colourful when the weather warms up; so do the drinks. And whether you’re kicking off brunch with a bang or relaxing on a sultry evening, Republic’s list of a dozen seasonal cocktails perfectly captures the summer mood. Assistant Manager Damien Bown is the man responsible for those drinks, and he has a few tips for anyone looking to create their own signature cocktail this summer.

Don’t overdo it

“When it gets warmer, people naturally want to drink more liquids” says Bown, which is why Republic also offers a range of cocktails by the jug. “But,” he cautions, “that means it’s important to make sure summer cocktails aren’t too alcoholic.” The simplest way to do this is with mixers like soda to lengthen the drink, and to incorporate lower alcohol liqueurs rather than multiple shots of spirits.

Use fresh produce

People are drawn to fresh, fruity drinks during summer and seasonal produce can make a great garnish, but don’t be afraid to include it in the drink itself. As well as providing flavour and a hint of tartness, muddled fruit can look beautiful in the glass. Clean white spirits preserve that colour and flavour and Bown is in no doubt as to which is the most versatile: vodka.

 Stay in balance

“Everyone has different tastes, but my main tip is to look at the balance,” says Bown. A good cocktail needs complexity from different flavours, but they all need to work in harmony. “Don’t be afraid to taste as you go because if you’ve got some acidity and sweetness, they’ve got to be in balance with the alcohol to make a good cocktail.”



Strawberry Delight

One of Bown’s favourite recipes from the current menu, this colourful cocktail strikes the perfect note of inviting sweetness with a hint of tartness. “It’s all about the balance of flavours, and sugar syrup is the most complicated thing so it’s one that you can easily make at home.”


  • 30mL Pama Pomegranate liqueur
  • 30mL Smirnoff
  • 15 mL lemon juice
  • 15 mL sugar syrup
  • 2 strawberries


  1. Muddle one strawberry in a cocktail shakeR
  2. Add all other ingredients and shake together
  3. Pour into an old fashioned glass without straining
  4. Top with ice and garnish with sliced strawberry

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