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This proudly local business is helping to shape the future of housing in South Australia


As an Executive Director of Munro Property Group, Joshua Baldwin is a busy man. The Parade-based agency looks after every aspect of real estate, from residential sales and management to commercial sales, leasing and buyers’ advocacy. So Baldwin is serious when he says “we provide an integrated service – we do everything in real estate,” but his undisputed specialty is community housing. 

John Baldwin

“What's quite unique about Munro is we have a strata and body corporate arm which services community housing in South Australia,” he continues. That includes any properties under strata and community plans, from rows of four units to buildings with 290 apartments. “If you’re selling a strata property, you're basically selling a share in a company but our integration means there's a great depth of knowledge within the company and we can provide service above and beyond a normal sales agent.” 

As the president of the Strata Communities Australia SA Chapter and board director of the national body, Baldwin is an expert in the field. “The future means living closer to each other, and there's stuff we can do now that will make those communities easier to live in,” he says. It’s why he has regular briefings with policy makers like the Attorney General and Deputy Premier to discuss “how to best create positive communities and streamline community living” as it becomes increasingly popular. 

Baldwin also practices what he preaches and supports his own community in Norwood. Not long after he met Identity Marketing Director, Steve Osborn at an event organised by the local council, the two businesses worked together to give Munro a new look. “We decided they would do our re-branding mainly because they’re a local business,” says Baldwin, who describes it as “a little local love story.” 

Munro Property Badge

After 46 years in business, Munro Property Group is still a locally owned, family owned business with 15 employees, and is still adding to the total of more than two and a half thousand properties sold. It’s a total Baldwin expects will continue to increase because the real estate expert has one piece of advice in the current market: “buy property. At the end of the day, just buy property.” 

“Most people say that property prices will continue to increase, and I agree. Interest rates are still at an all time low, it’s a great opportunity to get into the property market and property is one of the best investments you can make.” 

“My advice is enjoy the search but also don't get emotionally attached to a property because 25 other people are getting emotionally attached to the same property. Be smart and if you want a house, be prepared to pay for it.”

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