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Sustainability made easy: How to reduce your waste on The Parade


When the South Australian government announced four Plastic Free Precincts to take part in a trial program in 2019, it was no accident that The Parade was on that list. It was an acknowledgement of a forward-thinking community with a desire to lead the way in the sustainability field. The program was so successful that it was soon rolled out across the state – the first phase came into effect in March this year with a ban on single use plastic drinking straws, stirrers and cutlery. And by then, many retailers on The Parade were already looking at the next steps they could take: here are some other ways The Parade is leading the charge for sustainability

Sustainable Fashion

The opening of Yours + Mine boutique has been a real a boon for stylish customers who’d prefer to avoid fast fashion, with a range of designer and vintage pieces that changes weekly, and it lies just across the road from The Parade’s bustling strip of op shops. The short stretch between Sydenham Road and Osmond Terrace includes Elcies, Vinnies, RSPCA and Save The Children op shops as well as A Star Is Worn vintage boutique, all of them full of recycled gems just waiting to be discovered. 

Even better, that same block also includes Queen Of Stitches where owner Lesley Ward specialises in repairs and alterations. A lot of her customers fall in love with a piece that doesn’t quite fit, so she and her team have plenty of experience at adjusting vintage pieces while keeping the unique look that makes each one special. And it’s not just op shop bargains keeping Lesley and her five employees busy – they extend the lifespan of school uniforms and bridal wear as well as work and casual outfits that need a little love. “We work with denim, leather and do a lot of darning because people don’t want to give up on good quality jumpers,” she says. “The idea is to look after your outfits and make them last rather than ending in landfill.” 

Make sure to visit Yours + Mine in the upcoming Spring Shopping Day on Saturday 12 October. 

Sustainable Beauty

Head into Sooki and in addition to the latest fashions you’ll also find Sabbia Co’s game-changing beauty products. These include a range of plant-based tools that work with water instead of using harmful chemicals, and they also seriously cut down on the amount of material being sent to landfill. Reusable cotton and bamboo makeup removal pads that can be washed up to 200 times replace single use wipes while the konjac root and bamboo charcoal sponge is also 100% natural and biodegradable to avoid any waste when you’re finished with it. 

Sustainable Dining

There are many ways to eat more sustainably and the biggest one is to eat less meat, but at Let Them Eat, that doesn’t mean missing out on anything. In fact, during the business’ first decade they didn’t actively advertise that all their food was meat-free and plenty of customers thought nothing of it. Instead they discovered healthy, tasty food that just happens to be made with no preservatives or meat and uses as much local produce as possible. And if you want to get takeaway, all the packaging is either recyclable or compostable (or go one step further and bring your own reusable container).

Most customers would be completely unaware of the big sustainability initiative at Argo On Parade, but by carefully separating their waste into different streams the cafe has been able to divert more than 80% of waste from landfill into recycling or a composting program that uses up to 30 tonnes of organic matter a year. Menu items are designed to minimise food waste while buying in bulk from local suppliers helps reduce packaging and transport costs, and even the small bins are washed every day to save using bin liners.

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