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Find a bargain and contribute to a brighter future at Save The Children


After a makeover that included a new coat of paint, the addition of extra hanging space and an increase in high-quality brands, there are plenty of reasons to visit Save the Children Op Shop at 445 Magill Rd, St Morris. 

“We really have revitalised how the store looks and feels, the brands of clothing we have on offer and have even changed how we dress our mannequins!” says retail team member Karlee Scott, who adds that the response from customers so far has been fantastic. 

The new direction began with local research to better understand what the local community wanted from the store. “We found that people in this area op shop for the experience moreso than entering with a specific item in mind,” says Scott. “They are looking for unique, quality items that will last as they are concerned about the impact the fashion industry is having on the environment.” 

By far the most effective way to reduce waste is to extend the life of existing items, and this is a key focus at Save The Children. Nationally their stores have helped to divert more than one and a half million kilos of material from landfill, while saving almost five million of litres of water and significantly reducing energy costs associated with manufacture and transport of goods. 

But more than simply reducing waste, your purchases also directly contribute to providing better lives for disadvantaged children around the world; in 2019 alone Save the Children improved living conditions for 38.7 million of the world’s most vulnerable children across 117 countries. 

Proceeds from the St Morris store are used to fund a range of worthy initiatives that provide essential access to education, nutrition and healthcare. A purchase as small as $4 is enough to provide crayons for young learning groups, while $7 can mean a towel, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush and glass for a disadvantaged child in Indonesia and $12 can protect an entire family in Afghanistan from malaria with mosquito nets. 

It’s a reminder that every dollar really does count, and when you shop at Save The Children you’re contributing to a brighter future for children all over the world.

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