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Three simple ways to make your home feel cosier this Autumn


As summer slowly draws to a close, we’ll all be spending more time inside. That makes now the perfect time to get your home ready for the cooler months. And you can find everything you need at the cluster of design and homewares stores located within a few block of each other on Magill Road. From furnishings that add all-important texture to conveniently lighting solutions and additions that appeal to all the senses, here are a few expert tips on how to make your home as inviting as possible.

Start From The Bottom

When pondering interior decoration, Abbode owner Jane Ainslie says the best way is to “start with your floor and work your way up.” The right rug should anchor the furniture around it and can bring texture, colour and a sensory element to any room. As well as adding warmth to stone, timber or tiled floors, rugs also act as natural sound absorbers. “Modern houses have lots of glass and timber that makes sound bounce everywhere,” explains Ainslie, “but having fabric like a rug can dampen the sound and take away echoes,” making the room feel more comfortable.

As the Adelaide representative for The Rug Establishment and Dash & Albert, Abbode has access to hundreds of hand crafted options and can work to customise the colour, size and even design to find the perfect fit for your house. And if you want to see just how much difference a well-chosen rug can make, there are samples available for prospective buyers to take home.

Engage All The Senses

“We all have a signature scent,” says Flourish Gift & Home owner Jackie Leo, “so why not give your home one too? We instantly feel comfortable surrounded by the familiar, so give your house a scent that reflects you and helps create the mood you want, whether it be welcoming, festive or nurturing.”

Giving your eyes a break and infusing your house with an aroma that makes you feel at home is a key part of creating the atmosphere you want, and it’s simple to change depending on your mood and whether your having guests. So it’s great news that the range of candles and diffusers at Flourish caters to every taste, from sweet flower bombs to calming herbal preparations.

Up your lighting game

As the days get shorter and there’s less natural light filling your home, artificial lighting is the secret to making sure that it remains warm and inviting. But downlights can be harsh and create glare – swap them for lamps that are easier on the eye and you’re well on your way to creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Pop into twopairs and you’ll find a large range of floor and table lamps with wooden bases as well as rattan and natural fibre pendants – natural materials help to amplify the cosy feeling and draw you in. And if you don’t want to make any final decisions, they also stock several styles of USB charging lamps that you can bring with you as you move around the house and garden.

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